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Lie Detector - Polygraph Scanner Prank AdFree

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Розробник: Ashok Kumar
3.99 USD

Free lie detector prank app can have a joke with your friends and family, which simulator scanner effect to test if you or your friend tell a lie.
if you want to know whether your friends tell a lie to you, you can test with this lie detector scanner.

Get fun with this decisive spy tool. Make fun of your friends, kids or others by getting them to think you can detect if they are lying to you. Just install this cool app and you can start interrogating your friends on parties and other occasions. It will be more fun with some funny questions.


1- Press finger on the scanner appearing on the screen. The scanner will scan your fingerprint
2- Laser Xray beam will go through your finger.
3- App will detect either you are true or false.

Disclaimer: This app is just a fun game and it is neither a real life lie detector nor a real voice scanner.

Lie detector by default says any statement is false and person is liar except for you when you want to make something appear as truth.

Make your friends fools by posing as if this is real Lie Detector and Prank them. Prove them everything you say is truth and they are liars. Perform the lie detector test on your friends and prove them liars as a Prank.
Lie Detector to fool friends. Please use with caution and only with good intentions. Lie Detector Test is meant as a Prank. Lie Detector Prank can you be used to fool people.
Check if your friends are Spies or Double agents. Check if they are liars or truth tellers. Check if your lover really loves you. Make this your Love Testing machine. Love Test or any other test use this as Prank Machine. Lie Detector Test can test your friends for fun.
Use the our Lie Detector Prank as Truth Machine and make your friends spell out the reality for you. Using Lie Detector you can have cheaters reveal the truth to you. Suspect a Boy friend or Girl Friend cheating on you? Use our Lie detector to make them tell the truth.

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Lie Detector.
Lie Detector Imprint Joke - a joke simulation game where you can play with your phone as a lie detector.
Clamp mark and tell me! Find out who is telling the truth and who is not!
Attention lie detector simulator only and will not harm your health!
Make fun and play your friends and loved ones! Thank you for choosing our application!
Leave feedback for games and applications, and we will make them even more interesting!

Lie Detector is an amazing new lie detection simulation that makes it look like your device can detect lies based on a fingerprint scan! It features realistic looking scanner simulation, force feedback vibration, and the ability to play pranks by setting custom responses! The app will tell you whether it thinks somebody is telling the truth or a lie based on a simulated scan. Will the fun ever stop? Probably not, but there is only one way to tell - download Lie Detector today!

Lie detector is a prank game to trick your friends. Firstly talk and touch on scanner it will tell you it is true or lie.
You can find whether your friend is lying by simply asking questions to them and touch the scan button button. Lie Detector starts analyzing and determines whether it’s a lie or truth in this lie detector test. Lie Detector test is a free app where you determine the results!